A pretty cool day with my Dad

I had a pretty wonderful day out with my Dad today. I had to help him get a new phone because he lost his. Again. Deep breaths. But then we set ourselves a challenge of finding the cheapest lunch we could at the Dandenong Plaza food court. We settled on splitting a footlong meatball sub. Nailed it.

But then the real fun began. We cruised through our usual haunts, Cotton On, Target, Lowes but then as always, we saved the holy grail, Kmart, for last.

We started off in the women’s clothes section (for me) then we found our way to the activewear section (Dad swears you can never have too many muscle tops, it’s how he gets the ladies). Then we spent, I’m going to say longer than we should have, scouting for the perfect set of knitting needles. I’m not really sure what the significance of this was, and no wool was purchased at the time, but we finally found the perfect pair. #doesmydadsecretlyknit?

The highlight of the day (apart from spending 40 minutes wandering ’round ‘The Mart’) was when we passed an aisle full of hats was when Dad said he had recently acquired some new headwear for my sister.

“I went and got Sarah some hats. A Collingwood one and a St Kilda one.”

“Oh Dad that’s so nice of you, gosh you can be sweet sometimes!”

“I found them on the road.”

Bec xx

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