The time my apartment had poo in it

Yo babes, long time no blog eh?

The reason it’s been so long is because I had to move house, and then went on a holiday and then came home from said holiday at 2am to discover that my new house of only seven days was filled with ankle deep raw sewage, and then had to go stay at my Grandma’s and wait until my real estate agent called me back (for four days) to tell me if I will ever be able to sleep in my own bed again, and then I had to throw lots and lots of my stuff out because of all of the human faeces (so cute!), and then I had to have a funeral for all of my stuff that was victim of #sewagegate and THEN when I got the OK to move back into Poo Palace (that now has all new carpets and has been industrially cleaned – I’m still not game to eat in there just yet though) my Dad/ Father/ dependent adult sized child’s case manager decided to go M.I.A and I had to sort out the poor buggers discharge so he could get out of the hospital. But at least I have my health, right?

cool poo“Hi Bec, Shit that was a long sentence! I’m just wondering if you have even a basic handle on grammar?” – Grammarnazi.

Hi Grammarnazi, Thanks for your enquiry! Yes, I know about grammar, what with my journalism degree and experience working as an online writer and journalist. It’s just sometimes, when I write, I like to have a bit of fun (especially now that I mostly only write for myself and am no longer employed by any official media outlets) and by fun, I mean writing heaps of words without using any full stops and just seeing what the fuck happens (insert emoji with sunglasses on here). -Bec

I also haven’t had the internet at my new house for a while – and there is a baller of a blog post coming up about that next week, stay tuned.

Anyway so that’s what’s been happening with me, hope you’re all well too!

Bec xx

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