How to throw an 80s dance (and live to tell the tale)

The concept of a housewarming is actually bonkers if you think about it. You move in to a nice fresh house, put in all your new fresh furniture and then invite all your mates over to come and mess it all up. It really is bonkers, but my FOMO got the better of me, so last weekend, my new housemate and I cracked open our respective teledex files and knocked together a bit of an 80s themed dance party.

My boyfriend (who is a different person to my housemate) later said to me, “Why did it have to be 80s? Have you ever just hosted a party where you have a few drinks and a BBQ and nice chat your friends and be done with it?”

I broke up with him then and there and I haven’t seen him since. (LOL, jokes…)

“OF COURSE IT HAD TO BE 80s!!” I called out from the lounge room as I hunched over the floor trying to sweep up the mountain of glitter left over from a guest’s full length glitter jumpsuit.

Then we made out and it was cool.

Now the first step to throwing an 80s dance party is to try and think like the 80s, ie: GO HARD OR GO HOME.

This means:

– Printing off as many pictures of Madonna and Prince as your friends work colour printers will allow,

– painting your eyes with bright blue eye shadow and your cheeks with the hottest shade of pink blusher you could find in the KMART cosmetics section,

– finding a sweet YouTube play list with an even sweeter 80s theme, plug it into a speaker and then try and distract all of your guests when an ad comes on every five or so songs (I refuse to be called cheap),

– buying a large bowel, putting 2 litres of tropical juice, a bottle of vodka, two bottles of (Yellow) sparkling wine and a punnet of strawberries in it and just hoping for the best.

Then all you pretty much have to do it get your groove on. See pictures below.

Peace out.

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