I am no night guy.

It’s midnight, which is pretty late for this tired little donkey.

I’ve always admired folks that can stay up till all hours of the night, watching Game of Thrones and playing their Mario Cart games. They are a special lot of people who have been blessed with the ability to substitute sleep for activities.

Sure, they’re also the guys that look particularly shit and bleary eyed when they rock up to work in the morning and yes, thanks for noticing, I do always have a magnificent pep in my step when I bounce into the office of a morning, all bushy-tailed and full of vigour, but am I happy? No.

But by 3:30, I’m toast and all I can manage is staring at myself in a mirror for half an hour or so wishing I was taller and then a brief game of Words with Friends with my Grandma. That’s it.

So to all you night guys out there, I salute you,.

Jerry Seinfeld has an awesome bit about staying up to late, and it goes a little something like this…

Night guy out.


Fact of the day: 

Don’t think that donkey reference was just a happy coincidence you scruffy fools! Did you know….?

The Equidae (sometimes known as the horse family) is the taxonomic family of horses and related animals, including the extant horses, donkeys, and zebras, and many other species known only from fossils.




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